Jars of Jam and Preserves from The Pantry At Cornerstone Farm

Our Garden's Bounty Preserved

The Pantry at Cornerstone Farm is filled with the bounty provided by the gardens and orchards. As winter releases its hold on the land, the sun gradually warms the soil until the rhubarb pokes its first leaves out of the ground, announcing the beginning of the growing season. Our maple trees are tapped and sap is boiled into maple syrup. By the time summer rolls along, strawberries and other small fruit ripen each in turn and are picked at their peak of perfection and preserved or made into jams and jellies.

At the height of the season, the vegetables are growing quickly, and day by day prepare to share their offerings. When the time is just right they are picked, preserved and pickled.   Herbs, cucumbers, beets and others find their way into jars where they wait for a time when they will grace the dinner table.

As the days grow shorter, the call of the geese preparing for their long journey announces the start of the apple season. The harvest continues and apples are made into a variety of delicious preserves, chutneys and cider syrup.

Soon the land is dormant, and the rows of packed jars lining the shelves in The Pantry are a reminder of those long hot summer days when the sun, the rain and caring hands, nurtured and tended the gardens and orchards who in turn released their bounty each in its own time.

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