Where The Present Meets The Past

Set in historic Glengarry County in Eastern Ontario, Cornerstone Farm and was established with the intention of reviving many of the homesteading arts that are being forgotten and put aside for the appeal of the more modern lifestyle. From food production and preservation to raising livestock and stewardship of the land, methods passed down from generations past are returning with the realization that many of the more recent practices are not sustainable and take their toll on the health and well being of all, including the environment.

The animals are tended to, fences are mended, hay is made and buildings maintained. The harvest is brought in and preserved through various methods including pickling and canning. Fruit is made into jams, jellies and chutneys, meat is cured and slowly smoked, apples are pressed yielding their sweet cider, cheese is made and all manner of baked goods are created.

As life moves along, each season brings its own tasks and challenges. Time is taken to slow down and enjoy the sunrise and sunset, the sound of rain on the tin roof, the crowing of the rooster announcing the dawning of a new day, and sitting by the fireplace on a stormy winter night after the animals are tucked in safely in the barn.

Cornerstone Farm continues to strive for self-sufficiency by striking a balance between the wisdom from the past and the demands of the present.